Welcoming Brad Cornes to the Team


Back in June, Brad Cornes joined our company as our very first team member. We didn’t have a blog to announce it back then, but better late than never right?

You might know Brad as the creator of the amazing Tailwind CSS IntelliSense plugin for VS Code, which he first released way back in 2018 and has since been installed over 100,000 times!

Brad has been using Tailwind since it was first released, and I got to know Brad in the really early days of building the Tailwind community. I was immediately impressed by his willingness to tackle extremely hard problems, his ability to come up with out-of-the-box creative solutions, and his propensity for diving deep into bleeding-edge technologies and finding interesting use-cases for them.

When we decided we wanted to grow the team, Brad was the first person that came to mind and I reached out to him about the idea way back in March. He’s been with us for over a month now and it has been absolutely awesome working with him and benefitting from his extensive experience and expertise.

Brad has been helping us out all over the place, working on things like the IntelliSense plugin, developing internal tooling for Tailwind UI, and even building this very blog. He has an amazing ability to take a hard, complex problem, lock himself in a room for 2 hours, and come out the other side with an elegant solution.

He’s been an amazing addition to the team, and we are extremely excited about all the new things we’re going to be building in the coming months that would not be possible without his help.

Follow Brad on Twitter to keep up with what he’s working on and for sneak peaks of some exciting new projects!

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